johdin etymology

Finnish word johdin comes from Finnish johtaa

Detailed word origin of johdin

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johtaa Finnish (fin) (intransitive) To lead to, result/end in.. (transitive) To deduce, conclude.. (transitive) To guide, conduct, usher.. (transitive) To lead, direct; to supervise, superintend.. (transitive) To lead, make, get, induce.. (transitive) To lead, take, show someone the way to.. (transitive, business) To manage, run, be in charge of.. (transitive, linguistics) To derive, trace back.. (transitive, [...]
johdin Finnish (fin) A conductor (a wire or other element designed to conduct electricity in a controlled manner).

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Descendants of johtaa
harhaanjohtava harhaanjohtavasti johdate johdatella johdattaa johde johtaja johtajisto johtajuus johtaminen johteinen johto toimenpide