kovasti etymology

Finnish word kovasti comes from Finnish kova, Finnish -sti

Detailed word origin of kovasti

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kova Finnish (fin) (finance) unregulated, market-rate, unsubsidized, hard; special uses, see usexes:. (of light) harsh, hard (intensive and creating disagreeable and abrupt contrasts in colour or shading). (of water) hard (high on dissolved calcium and other minerals). (phonetics) hard, unvoiced (pronounced without using the vocal cords). (physics, ferromagnetism) hard (of material: having the capability of [...]
-sti Finnish (fin) (adverbial suffix, comparable) Forms adverbs from adjectives; corresponds to the English suffix -ly.. (intensifier) Forms intensifying adverbs from certain nouns.. (multiplicative) Corresponds number + times structure in English.. -ist (forms names of occupations from some nouns). -ist (supporter of an idea).
kovasti Finnish (fin) A great deal, very much. Hard.

Words with the same origin as kovasti

Descendants of kova
koveta kovuus
Descendants of -sti
ehdottomasti helposti henkilökohtaisesti hienosti hitaasti huonosti ikuisesti ilmeisesti jatkuvasti kahdesti luultavasti nopeasti oikeasti pahasti rauhallisesti selvästi tarkasti tietysti toivottavasti vakavasti valitettavasti varmasti varovasti välittömästi