laude etymology

Finnish word laude comes from Finnish -e (Used for forming nouns from verbs or adjectives.), Finnish lauta

Detailed word origin of laude

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-e Finnish (fin) Used for forming nouns from verbs or adjectives.
lauta Finnish (fin) (colloquial) A woman who has small breasts.. A board (long, wide and thin piece of sawn timber).. An element in many compound words, where the English equivalent is "board" (The Finnish equivalent for "board" may also be taulu or levy). These compounds can be shortened to plain lauta, if there is no danger of confusion.
laude Finnish (fin) In plural (lauteet), a sitting platform or "pew" in the hot room of a sauna.. In singular only in compound words.

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Descendants of -e
anne ele haaste hedelmä kate katse koe liike luonne näyte ote piste pistää puhe puhelin puhua puhuja pystyä pyyhe syyte tae toiste tunne tuote vihje