ohjata etymology

Finnish word ohjata comes from Finnish ohja

Detailed word origin of ohjata

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ohja Finnish (fin) (usually plural) rein (strap or rope attached to the bridle or bit, used to control a horse or other animal).
ohjata Finnish (fin) To control, monitor, oversee, govern, steer, regulate, supervise, direct an activity, task, organization, operations (in general and medical operations), government authorities, the enforcement of (and implementation of and compliance with) laws and regulations, etc.. To control, regulate a device, appliance, or system. To direct a play, film, etc.. To direct, guide, conduct, lead, channel a [...]

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apuohjelma keskusteluohjelma koulutusohjelma ohjelma ohjelmallinen ohjelmamusiikki ohjelmisto ohjelmointi oikolukuohjelma puheohjelma tietokantaohjelma