oikeusavustaja etymology

Finnish word oikeusavustaja comes from Finnish avustaja, Finnish oikeus

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avustaja Finnish (fin) (in plural) crew (non-actor members of a theatrical or film production). (military) aide, aide-de-camp, adjutant (officer who acts as assistant to a more senior one). Assistant, aide, auxiliary; sidekick (person who assists or helps someone else). Attendant (one who attends). Paralegal, legal assistant (lawyer's assistant). Second (attendant of a duel or boxing match standing in for a contestant).
oikeus Finnish (fin) (in the plural) license. (social security) entitlement. Court (place, where justice is administered). Justice, law. Law (legal system; body of rules and standards issued by the legislative body). Right (to something = illative; to do something = infinitive).. Rightness, fairness.
oikeusavustaja Finnish (fin) Public defender (US), duty solicitor (Commonwealth), duty counsel (Canada) (lawyer appointed to represent people who cannot afford to hire an attorney, usually paid from public funds).

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