osakas etymology

Finnish word osakas comes from Finnish osa, Finnish -kas

Detailed word origin of osakas

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osa Finnish (fin) (music) A movement, a large division of a larger composition.. Part. With an ordinal number as modifier, used to create nouns meaning "nth part"; works with numbers from three upwards.
-kas Finnish (fin) -y, -ful; a suffix that can be used to turn many, but not all, nouns into adjectives that indicate abundant presence of the thing expressed by the noun. When the suffix is added to the noun, the stem changes in accordance with consonant gradation.
osakas Finnish (fin) Stakeholder.

Words with the same origin as osakas

Descendants of osa
osiensa summa osio osittain osuus pääosin
Descendants of -kas
alokas arvokas arvokkaasti asiakas halukas innokas innokkaasti kohtalokas kunniakas lahjakas lahjakkuus maukas mehukas mutkikas nerokas pelokas puolikas sisukas tehokas toiveikas tunteikas varakas voimakas voimakkaasti