pahis etymology

Finnish word pahis comes from Finnish paha, Finnish -is

Detailed word origin of pahis

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paha Finnish (fin) (idiomatic:) paha mieli sadness, offense, umbrage (literally "bad mind"). See the adverb pahoillaan.. Bad, ill. Difficult, hard, tricky. Evil The evil.
-is Finnish (fin) (colloquial) -er; a suffix used to form nouns and proper nouns from place names, common nouns and adjectives; gives a familiar nuance to the original word; the original word is often truncated in the process.
pahis Finnish (fin) (colloquial) A meanie, bad guy, villain, heavy (person doing bad things, especially in a movie or other story).

Words with the same origin as pahis

Descendants of paha
pahe paheellinen paheta pahoinvoiva pahoittaa pahuksen pahus pahuus salainen pahe
Descendants of -is
blosis dösis futis hyvis idis kirppis käyttis mahis metris morkkis narkkis pingis samppis seinis tavis