pahoinvoiva etymology

Finnish word pahoinvoiva comes from Finnish paha, Finnish voida

Detailed word origin of pahoinvoiva

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paha Finnish (fin) (idiomatic:) paha mieli sadness, offense, umbrage (literally "bad mind"). See the adverb pahoillaan.. Bad, ill. Difficult, hard, tricky. Evil The evil.
voida Finnish (fin) (in negative sentences) should (not). (in the conditional mood) could. (intransitive) (to enquire about wellbeing, or as a formal greeting) to be, feel, do. (transitive, auxiliary, + infinitive). (transitive, auxiliary, + infinitive) can, to be able to, to be capable. May, to be allowed, to be permitted.
pahoinvoiva Finnish (fin) Queasy, nauseated.

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Descendants of paha
pahe paheellinen paheta pahis pahoittaa pahuksen pahus pahuus salainen pahe
Descendants of voida