pelihimoinen etymology

Finnish word pelihimoinen comes from Finnish peli, Finnish -himoinen (Having a lust, desire or craving for.)

Detailed word origin of pelihimoinen

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peli Finnish (fin) (slang) wheels (automobile). (sports) match, game. Tool, means, implement, vehicle; used especially in compound terms, e.g. ajopeli, kulkupeli, ankkuripeli.
-himoinen Finnish (fin) Having a lust, desire or craving for.
pelihimoinen Finnish (fin) Having addiction to gaming.

Words with the same origin as pelihimoinen

Descendants of -himoinen
kostonhimoinen kunnianhimoinen kunnianhimoisesti kunnianhimoisuus murhanhimoinen nautinnonhimoinen rahanhimoinen saaliinhimoinen vallanhimoinen verenhimoinen viinanhimoinen voitonhimoinen