sadevesi etymology

Finnish word sadevesi comes from Finnish sade, Finnish vesi

Detailed word origin of sadevesi

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sade Finnish (fin) (by extension) a rain (any matter moving or falling, usually through air). (meteorology) any precipitation from the sky (e.g. rain, snow, sleet, hailstones).
vesi Finnish (fin) (in place names) lake. (in some compounds) aqueous, hydro-. Rheum; often in plural (vedet) (watery or thin discharge from the eyes). Water.
sadevesi Finnish (fin) Rainwater.

Words with the same origin as sadevesi

Descendants of sade
lumisateinen sateenkaari sateenvarjo sateinen sateisuus
Descendants of vesi
pitää vettä vedellä vedenalainen vedenkeitin vedenkesto vedenkestävä vedenkorkeus vedenneito vedenpaine vedenpaisumus vedenpaljous vedenpinta vedenpitävä vedenpohja vedensyvyys vedetön vety