sinutella etymology

Finnish word sinutella comes from Finnish sinä, Finnish -tella

Detailed word origin of sinutella

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sinä Finnish (fin) (personal) you (second person singular, familiar), (in archaic English) thou. (demonstrative).
-tella Finnish (fin) Forms verbs for calling someone by a name or a label.. Forms verbs that describe act of pretending to be something.
sinutella Finnish (fin) (transitive, + partitive) to address with the informal T-form, to address someone (especially friends and relatives) informally in the second-person (in languages in which such form is distinguishable).

Words with the same origin as sinutella

Descendants of sinä
haluutsä sinun sinusta sinuttelu sää
Descendants of -tella
elvistellä homotella huoritella hurskas jeesustella jeesustelu juopotella kahvitella kahvittelija mutkitella neiditellä seditellä teititellä teitittely täditellä vähätellä vähättely äiditellä