syyoppi etymology

Finnish word syyoppi comes from Finnish syy, Finnish oppi

Detailed word origin of syyoppi

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syy Finnish (fin) Fault. Fibre. Filament. Grain (linear texture of a material or surface); used in plural (syyt). Reason.
oppi Finnish (fin) Doctrine. Knowledge. Study, -logy; in this sense usually the head of a compound term.
syyoppi Finnish (fin) (pathology, science) aetiology.

Words with the same origin as syyoppi

Descendants of syy
Descendants of oppi
kasviopillinen kieliopillinen kieliopillinen persoona kieliopillisesti kieliopillisuus kolminaisuusopillinen opin sauna opinto- opisto rotuopillinen virusopillinen