tarjous etymology

Finnish word tarjous comes from Finnish -us, Finnish tarjota

Detailed word origin of tarjous

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-us Finnish (fin) Forms nouns from verbs, describing an action or event.. Forms nouns, indicating resemblance or association. Short form of the suffix -uus, used where the stem of the root adjective ends in a vowel.
tarjota Finnish (fin) To offer. To pay, pick up the tab (the bill, e.g. in restaurant).. To serve. To treat (to entertain with food or drink, especially at one's own expense; to show hospitality to; to pay for as celebration or reward).
tarjous Finnish (fin) (commerce) offer, tender. (in inessive singular, adverbially) on sale (US); on offer (UK) (for sale at a reduced price).

Words with the same origin as tarjous

Descendants of -us
ajoitus allekirjoitus arvoitus hälytys keskus kirous kokemus kokous laite leikkaus maalaus määräys nopeus pahuksen pahus palvelus puolustus rakkaus rangaistus vaikutus vakuutus vallan varasto vastaus
Descendants of tarjota
tarjoaja tarjoilla tarjonta tarjotin