tehty etymology

Finnish word tehty comes from Finnish huora, Finnish kuolema, Finnish mikään, Finnish voida, Proto-Finno-Ugric *teke-, Finnish aviorikos ((archaic) adultery.)

Detailed word origin of tehty

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huora Finnish (fin) (informal, often, _, humorous) Someone who will do anything for money.. (offensive, vulgar) whore, slut, bitch; used as a general term of abuse. (pejorative, vulgar) A promiscuous woman.. (somewhat, _, pejorative) A prostitute, whore.
kuolema Finnish (fin) Death, demise, decease. Deathly (in attributive use: appearing as though dead, or on the verge of death).
mikään Finnish (fin) (indefinite, in question clauses) Anything, any (modifies a noun referring to an animal or an inanimate object).. (indefinite, with a negation verb form) Nothing, not ... anything, no (modifies a noun referring to an animal or an inanimate object).
voida Finnish (fin) (in negative sentences) should (not). (in the conditional mood) could. (intransitive) (to enquire about wellbeing, or as a formal greeting) to be, feel, do. (transitive, auxiliary, + infinitive). (transitive, auxiliary, + infinitive) can, to be able to, to be capable. May, to be allowed, to be permitted.
*teke- Proto-Finno-Ugric (fiu-pro)
aviorikos Finnish (fin) (archaic) adultery.
*tektäk Proto-Finnic (fiu-fin-pro) To do. To make.
tehdä Finnish (fin) (transitive) to commit, perpetrate, carry out, conduct (to do, as a crime, sin, or fault). (transitive) to do, perform, execute. (transitive) to make, cost (said often by the salesperson to the customer). (transitive) to make, manufacture. (transitive) to make, render (somebody: accusative, adjective: translative or somebody: elative, noun: accusative).
tehty Finnish (fin)

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Descendants of huora
aikaero avioero ero erota erotin erottaa historia historiallinen historiallisesti housut huono huonosti teennäinen teeskennellä teeskentelijä teeskentely teettää tehdas tehdä tekeillä tekijä teko tekosyy työnteko
Descendants of kuolema
huora olemaan oleminen olento olettaa olio olla ollenkaan olo
Descendants of mikään
en jollen miksen älä
Descendants of voida
voima voimakkaasti voittaa voitto
Descendants of *teke-
tekopyhä tekotapa