terve etymology

Finnish word terve comes from Proto-Finnic *terva (Tar.)

Detailed word origin of terve

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*terva Proto-Finnic (fiu-fin-pro) Tar.
*terveh Proto-Finnic (fiu-fin-pro) Healthy, well. Solid, whole.
terve Finnish (fin) (informal) Said when departing, bye.. (informal) Said when meeting, hello. Able-bodied (having a sound, strong body).. Healthy, sane (enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit).. Healthy, sound (beneficial).. Sound (complete, solid, or secure).. Sound, well (free from injury, disease).

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Descendants of *terva
epäterveellisesti epäterveellisyys sote terva terveellinen terveesti tervehtiä terveys