tulopolitiikka etymology

Finnish word tulopolitiikka comes from Finnish politiikka (Policy (as a course of action). Politics.), Finnish tulo

Detailed word origin of tulopolitiikka

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politiikka Finnish (fin) Policy (as a course of action). Politics.
tulo Finnish (fin) (accounting) income. (accounting) revenue. (mathematics) product. Coming, arrival.
tulopolitiikka Finnish (fin) Incomes policy, income policy (economy-wide measures instituted by the government with the aim of controlling wages and inflation, often in collaboration with labor market organisations).

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Descendants of politiikka
poliittinen poliittisesti poliittistaa politikoida politikointi politisoida politisoitua talouspoliittinen tulopoliittinen tupo tupoteatteri
Descendants of tulo