verenmyrkytys etymology

Finnish word verenmyrkytys comes from Finnish veri (Blood (liquid flowing in human and animal bodies).), Finnish myrkytys (Poisoning.)

Detailed word origin of verenmyrkytys

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veri Finnish (fin) Blood (liquid flowing in human and animal bodies).
myrkytys Finnish (fin) Poisoning.
verenmyrkytys Finnish (fin) (pathology) sepsis blood poisoning (serious medical condition in which the whole body is inflamed, and a known or suspected infection is present). (pathology) septicemia, septicaemia, blood poisoning (form of sepsis in which the pathogens are concentrated in blood).

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Descendants of veri
aivoverenvuoto pieni verenkierto verekäs veren tahrima verenhimo verenhukka verenimijä verenkierto verenkuva verenluovuttaja verenluovutus verenpaine verenpuna verenpunainen verensekainen verensiirto verensokeri verenvuodatus verenvuodon tyrehdyttäminen verenvuoto veres veretön verta