-ifier etymology

French word -ifier comes from Late Latin -ficare, Latin -facere

Detailed word origin of -ifier

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-ficare Late Latin (LL)
-facere Latin (lat)
-ifier French (fra) -ify.

Words with the same origin as -ifier

Descendants of -ficare
aurifier carnifier chosifier corporification corporifier dignifier dragéifier délignifier déshumidifier dévitrifier escarrifier gâtifier gélifier homogénéifier lignifier lénifier massifier mortifier panifier plasmifier recalcifier regazéification réédifier saponifier
Descendants of -facere
bêtifier dénitrifier gazéifiable gazéificateur idiotifier mondifier ramification saccharifier saponification substantifier tarifier tonifier éthérifier