Geoffroy etymology

French word Geoffroy comes from Proto-Germanic *gautaz (A Geat.), Proto-Germanic *friþuz (Peace, tranquility. Sanctuary, refuge.)

Detailed word origin of Geoffroy

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
*gautaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) A Geat.
*friþuz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Peace, tranquility. Sanctuary, refuge.
*Gautafriþuz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) A male given name.
Gauthfredus Latin (lat)
Geuffroi Old French (fro)
Geoffroi Middle French (frm)
Geoffroy French (fra) A male given name., cognate to English Geoffrey.. A patronymic surname​.

Words with the same origin as Geoffroy

Descendants of *gautaz
Descendants of *friþuz
Frédéric effraie effrayer orfraie