Jean etymology

French word Jean comes from Hebrew יְהוֹחָנָן, Spanish Yahweh, Basque Yahweh, and later Hebrew יוחנן (A male given name..)

Detailed word origin of Jean

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
יְהוֹחָנָן Hebrew (heb)
Yahweh Spanish (spa)
Yahweh Basque (eus)
יוֹחָנָן Hebrew (heb)
יוֹחָנָן Ancient Hebrew (hbo)
יוחנן Hebrew (heb) A male given name..
יוחנן Ancient Hebrew (hbo)
Ἰωάννης Ancient Greek (grc)
Ioannes Latin (lat) John (biblical persons). John the Baptist. John the Evangelist.
Jehan Old French (fro) A male given name., cognate to Modern English John.
Jean French (fra) A male given name., traditionally very popular in France, also common as the first part of hyphenated given names.. John (biblical character).

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Descendants of Yahweh
Grosjean Jean-Baptiste Jean-Charles Jean-François Jean-Louis Jean-Luc Jean-Marc Jean-Paul Jeanne Petitjean