Louis etymology

French word Louis comes from Proto-Germanic *wīgą (Fight, battle.), Proto-Germanic *hlūdaz (Famous. Loud.), Dutch wig (Wedge.), Frankish hlud

Detailed word origin of Louis

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*wīgą Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Fight, battle.
*hlūdaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Famous. Loud.
wig Dutch (nld) Wedge.
hlud Frankish (frk)
*Hlūdawīgą Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) A male given name.
*Hlūdawīg Frankish (frk)
Hludwig Old High German (goh)
*Hlōdowig Frankish (frk) A male given name., meaning famous in battle.
Lūdwīg Old High German (goh)
Ludovicus Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin) A male given name. cognate to Louis.
Louis French (fra) A male given name... A patronymic surname​.

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Descendants of *wīgą
Clovis Edwige Ludovic louis