Martial etymology

French word Martial comes from Latin con, Latin gnosco, Latin *conosceo, English martialis

Detailed word origin of Martial

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
con Latin (lat)
gnosco Latin (lat)
*conosceo Latin (lat)
martialis English (eng)
nosco Latin (lat) I know, recognize, am acquainted with, i.e.; in possession of knowledge.
cognoscere Latin (lat)
cognomen Latin (lat) An additional name derived from some characteristic. Surname. Third part of a formal name.
cognomen English (eng) (historical) the third part of the name of a citizen of ancient Rome. A nickname or epithet by which someone is identified; a byname; a moniker or sobriquet. Surname.
Martialis Latin (lat)
Martial French (fra) A male given name., in continuous use (though not particularly popular).

Words with the same origin as Martial

Descendants of con
accointer cognomen collabo collaborateur collaboratrice commerce déduction déduire inviter
Descendants of gnosco
connaissance connaissant connaisseur connaître connoître connu méconnaissable notable notablement notaire notarial notation note noter notice notion notoriété reconnaissable reconnaître