Merveilleuse etymology

French word Merveilleuse comes from Old French merveille (Wonder; marvel.), French merveille (Wonder; marvel.), Old French merveillos, Old French -us (-ous, used for forming adjectives.)

Detailed word origin of Merveilleuse

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
merveille Old French (fro) Wonder; marvel.
merveille French (fra) Wonder; marvel.
merveillos Old French (fro)
-us Old French (fro) -ous, used for forming adjectives.
merveilleux Middle French (frm) Marvelous; brilliant, etc.
merveillus Old French (fro) Enormous, giant.
merveilleux French (fra) Marvelous, brilliant.
Merveilleuse French (fra) Merveilleuse.

Words with the same origin as Merveilleuse

Descendants of merveillos
Descendants of -us
courageux honteux joyeux orgueilleux outrageux périlleux souffreteux