Terre-Neuve etymology

French word Terre-Neuve comes from French terre (Earth; soil. Land, property (delimited area).), French neuve

Detailed word origin of Terre-Neuve

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terre French (fra) Earth; soil. Land, property (delimited area).
neuve French (fra)
Terre-Neuve French (fra) (obsolete) Terre Neuve, (Dominion of Newfoundland) a former country in extreme eastern North America. Newfoundland, the former name of a province in Canada. Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador, (Newfoundland and Labrador,) a province in Canada. Île de Terre-Neuve, (Newfoundland Island) an island in eastern Canada.

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Descendants of terre
Terre-Neuvien Terreneuvien terrasse terrien terril
Descendants of neuve
terre-neuvien terreneuvien