abaissant etymology

French word abaissant comes from French abaisser, French ouïr ((archaic) to hear. (archaic) to listen.)

Detailed word origin of abaissant

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abaisser French (fra) (figuratively, reflexive, transitive) To humble oneself, demean oneself, stoop; abase, degrade, humiliate.. (literally, transitive) To lower; to reduce; to bring down. (reflexive, transitive) To come or go down; to descend.
ouïr French (fra) (archaic) to hear. (archaic) to listen.
abaissant French (fra) (dated) Rendering morally inferior; degrading, demeaning.. Lowering.

Words with the same origin as abaissant

Descendants of abaisser
abaissable abaissement abaisseur
Descendants of ouïr
ouï ouïe oyant