abatis etymology

French word abatis comes from Vulgar Latin *abbatere, Late Latin abbatto, Latin *abbato (I beat down. I cast down.), Old French batre (To beat; to hit; to strike.)

Detailed word origin of abatis

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*abbatere Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
abbatto Late Latin (LL)
*abbato Latin (lat) I beat down. I cast down.
batre Old French (fro) To beat; to hit; to strike.
abatre Old French (fro) To destroy; to slaughter. To knock over; to knock down.
abattre Middle French (frm)
abbatre Middle French (frm) To knock down.
abattre French (fra) (pronominal) to descend upon with violence or furor. (pronominal, of lightning) to strike. (reflexive) to fall down, especially of tall things, such as trees. To butcher; to slaughter for meat. To cut down (a tree). To destroy or demolish (a wall). To shoot dead.
abattis French (fra) (Canada) An area that has been cleared of trees, but not yet of their stumps.. (cooking, plurale tantum) giblets. (dated, slang, plurale tantum) limbs. (military) abatis. Rubble.

Words with the same origin as abatis

Descendants of *abbatere
abat-jour abat-vent abat-voix abattable abattis abattoir abattre abattu
Descendants of batre
battable battement batterie batteuse battoir battre combat combattant combattre imbattable ébat