absurde etymology

French word absurde comes from Latin surdus, Latin ab, Latin ab-

Detailed word origin of absurde

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surdus Latin (lat) Deaf. Inattentive, unresponsive. Indistinct, dull, faint. Silent, noiseless, still.
ab Latin (lat) (source of action or event) by, of. (time) after, since. At, on, in. From, away from, out of.
ab- Latin (lat) Absence of. At a distance. Completely, thoroughly. From, away, away from. More remote. Off.
absurdus Latin (lat) Discordant, harsh. Incongruous, inconsistent. Silly, stupid, worthless.
absurde French (fra) Absurd (contrary to reason or propriety).

Words with the same origin as absurde

Descendants of surdus
Descendants of ab
avancer avant aversif aversion avertir aveugle devant pendule sans sans-culotte sens
Descendants of ab-
abattoir abattre abattu abdiquer aberrant abluer abolir abominable abominer abondance abrogation abrogeable abrupt absolu absorber absoudre absous abstenir abstinence abstrait abus abuser abusif avorter