accident etymology

French word accident comes from Latin cado, Latin caedo, Latin accidere, and later Latin accidens (Accident, circumstance (chance event).)

Detailed word origin of accident

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
cado Latin (lat) (impersonal) It happens, occurs, befalls, comes to pass. I cease. I decay. I die. I fall.
caedo Latin (lat) Cut, hew, fell.. Defeat decisively (defeat with heavy losses to the enemy side).. Kill.. Strike, beat.
accidere Latin (lat)
accido Latin (lat) I begin to cut or cut into or through; fell, cut down.. I impair, weaken, shatter.. I use up, consume, diminish. (intransitive) I happen (to), take place, occur, befall.. (transitive) I fall down, upon, at or near; descend.
accidens Latin (lat) Accident, circumstance (chance event).
accident Old French (fro) Accident (chance occurrence). Symptom (medical).
accident French (fra) Accident.

Words with the same origin as accident

Descendants of cado
accidentel cadavre caduc cas cas échéant cascade casque cassable cassage casser casuiste choir chu coïncider demi-cadence décider décision encas exciser faire cas occasion occident occidental récidiviste
Descendants of caedo
Céline accidentable ciel ciment cimentier circoncire circoncision céleste cément occire occis précis récidivisme trucider