accueillir etymology

French word accueillir comes from Latin colligo, Italian cogliere, Catalan collir (To harvest. To pick (flower, fruit, etc.). To pick up.), Latin ad- (To.), Latin ac-, Latin ac, Latin accolligo

Detailed word origin of accueillir

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colligo Latin (lat) (in a reflexive sense) I collect or compose myself, recover my courage or resolution.. (of a number, chiefly, a distance) I amount or come to, extend; am reckoned (in a passive sense).. I gather, draw, bring or collect (together), assemble, pick up; contract, draw up, compress, concentrate; harvest.. I get, gain, acquire, produce, collect.. I make thick, thicken; bind or mass together.. I [...]
cogliere Italian (ita) (transitive) to grasp, seize, take. (transitive) to pick, gather.
collir Catalan (cat) To harvest. To pick (flower, fruit, etc.). To pick up.
ad- Latin (lat) To.
ac- Latin (lat)
ac Latin (lat)
accolligo Latin (lat)
*accolligo Latin (lat) I accommodate. I receive. I welcome.
*accolligere Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
acoillir Old French (fro) To attack; to assault. To push. To welcome (a person).
accueillir French (fra) To welcome, to accommodate.

Words with the same origin as accueillir

Descendants of colligo
accueil adoucir chasseur-cueilleur collec collecte collectivisme colliger cueillaison cueillette cueilleur cueilleur-égreneur cueillir embellir enhardir obscurcir rougir
Descendants of ad-
accepter accident acheter aller allée alors apparemment appeler apprendre après arrive arrière arrêter asseoir assez assis assurer attendre attention avenir avocat dos dossier faire à