africanissime etymology

French word africanissime comes from French africain (African (of, or pertaining to Africa).), French -issime (Suffix used to form superlative forms of adjectives.)

Detailed word origin of africanissime

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
africain French (fra) African (of, or pertaining to Africa).
-issime French (fra) Suffix used to form superlative forms of adjectives.
africanissime French (fra) Very or most African.

Words with the same origin as africanissime

Descendants of africain
africanoïde panafricanisme
Descendants of -issime
abondantissime abrutissime américanissime anglissime bellissime charmantissime célébrissime drôlissime durissime gravissime génialissime importantissime kitschissime largissime lentissime modernissime pauvrissime petitissime rarissime richissime simplissime snobissime élégantissime érotissime