agranditif etymology

French word agranditif comes from French -if, French agrandir

Detailed word origin of agranditif

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-if French (fra) -ive; used in forming adjectives denoting characteristics or qualities.
agrandir French (fra) (reflexive) To grow, get bigger.. (transitive) To enlarge, make bigger.. (transitive) To extend (a house, building, area).. To aggrandize.. To embiggen.
agranditif French (fra) Aggrandising.

Words with the same origin as agranditif

Descendants of -if
affectif agglutinatif agressif annulatif arbustif articulatif aspiratif assimilatif compulsif compétitif coopératif craintif décoratif effectif fautif jouissif maladif maladivement massif plaintif réplicatif répétitif sportif évasif
Descendants of agrandir
agrandissable agrandissement