agroforestier etymology

French word agroforestier comes from French forestier (Male forester (attributive) forested.), French agro- (Agro-.)

Detailed word origin of agroforestier

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
forestier French (fra) Male forester (attributive) forested.
agro- French (fra) Agro-.
agroforestier French (fra) Agroforestry (attributive) Agroforester.

Words with the same origin as agroforestier

Descendants of forestier
Forestier forestièrement
Descendants of agro-
agrobiologie agrochimie agrochimique agrochimiste agroenvironnemental agroforesterie agroindustriel agrologie agrologique agrométéorologie agronomie agrosystème agrotourisme agroécologique agroécologiquement agroéconomique agroécosystème