aluminium etymology

French word aluminium comes from Latin -men (Forms neuter nouns of the third declension.), Proto-Indo-European *h₂elud-, English boron

Detailed word origin of aluminium

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-men Latin (lat) Forms neuter nouns of the third declension.
*h₂elud- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
boron English (eng) The chemical element (symbol B) with an atomic number of 5, which is a metalloid.. A single atom of this element.
aluminis Latin (lat)
alumina English (eng) Aluminum oxide used especially in mining, material sciences and ceramics.
aluminium English (eng) (countable) A single atom of this element.. A light, silvery metal extracted from bauxite, and a chemical element (symbol Al) with an atomic number of 13.
aluminium French (fra) Aluminum (element).

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Descendants of -men
Ancien Régime abdomen airain aluminerie discrimination discriminer duramen essaim essaimer examen levain liane lien limier merrain permalien royaume régime rétrolien specimen volume
Descendants of *h₂elud-
alun alunage alunation aluner