ambages etymology

French word ambages comes from Latin agendum, Latin ambi-, English ambi- (Both, on both sides.), Latin -es

Detailed word origin of ambages

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
agendum Latin (lat)
ambi- Latin (lat)
ambi- English (eng) Both, on both sides.
-es Latin (lat) Used to form a third-declension feminine abstract noun designating the result of an action from a verb root or conceived root form.
ambages Latin (lat) Ambiguity. Circuit (roundabout way). Circumlocution, evasion, digression. Long story.
ambages Old French (fro) Circumlocution, ambages (indirect or roundabout ways of talking).
ambages French (fra)

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Descendants of ambi-
ambidextre ambigu ambigument amputer ancelle ancillaire ancille