amuser etymology

French word amuser comes from Old French a-, Proto-Germanic *mōtōną (To be available, unrestricted. To be idle, at leisure.)

Detailed word origin of amuser

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a- Old French (fro) (by extension) indicating a change of state. Indicating movement towards something. Intensifying prefix.
*mōtōną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To be available, unrestricted. To be idle, at leisure.
*gimōtōn Frankish (frk)
*muso Latin (lat) (Vulgar Latin) I gape, idly stare. (Vulgar Latin) I idly wait. (Vulgar Latin) I leisurely wander (in one's mind).
muser Old French (fro) To loiter; waste time. To ponder; to think about. To stare at in amazement.
amuser Old French (fro)
amuser Middle French (frm)
amuser French (fra) (reflexive, s'amuser) to have fun, to enjoy oneself. (transitive) to amuse, to entertain.

Words with the same origin as amuser

Descendants of a-
abaisser accompagner accomplir accomplissement achat acheter adresser affichage afficher affoler agenouiller allaiter allumage allumer amusant apaiser assaillant assurance assurer attirail attirance attirer aviser maladroit
Descendants of *mōtōną
cornemuse musard muser