anarchie etymology

French word anarchie comes from Ancient Greek ἀρχή, Ancient Greek ἀν-, Ancient Greek ἀρχός

Detailed word origin of anarchie

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
ἀρχή Ancient Greek (grc)
ἀν- Ancient Greek (grc)
ἀρχός Ancient Greek (grc)
ἀναρχία Ancient Greek (grc)
anarchie French (fra) (figuratively) A state of utter disorder, advanced disorganization and confusion. Anarchy, absence of any form of political authority or government.

Words with the same origin as anarchie

Descendants of ἀρχή
-archie anarchisme archaïsme archétype archétypique binarchie heptarchie hiérarque monarchie oligarchie polyarchie énarchie
Descendants of ἀν-
a- anecdote anhédonie anodin anomal anomalie anonymat anonyme anonymement
Descendants of ἀρχός