appeler etymology

French word appeler comes from Latin pello

Detailed word origin of appeler

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pello Latin (lat) (figuratively) I conquer, overcome, beat, defeat.. (figuratively) I touch, move, affect, impress. (military) I rout, put to flight, discomfit.. (music) I strike the cords, play.. I push, drive, hurl, impel, propel; expel, banish, eject, thrust out. I strike, set in motion.
appello Latin (lat) I address as, call by name I drive or move to. I land or put ashore.
appeler French (fra) (intransitive) to call (out). (reflexive) to be called. (transitive) to call (out). (transitive) to call for, summon. (transitive) to call, phone, ring.

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Descendants of pello
appel appelable expulsion impulsion interpeler interpellation interpeller pouls pousser pulsion rappeler repoussé répulsif sex appeal sex-appeal