aspiration etymology

French word aspiration comes from Latin aspiro

Detailed word origin of aspiration

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aspiro Latin (lat) (intransitive) I am favorable to, assist, favor, aid.. (intransitive) I aspire or desire (to); approach, come near (to).. (intransitive) I breathe or blow upon.. (intransitive, with dative) I aspirate (follow a consonant with an audible puff of breath).. (transitive) I breathe or blow upon, infuse, instill.. (transitive, of the sea) I wash.
aspiratio Latin (lat) (grammar) The pronunciation of a word with aspiration; breathing, aspiration; aspirate.. The act of blowing or breathing to or upon; exhalation.
aspiration French (fra) Aspiration.

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Descendants of aspiro
aspirateur aspiratif aspiratoire aspirer