aspiratoire etymology

French word aspiratoire comes from French -oire, French aspiration (Aspiration.)

Detailed word origin of aspiratoire

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-oire French (fra) A suffix used on verbs (usually via the Latin supine form) to form masculine or feminine words for places where something is done.. A suffix used on verbs to form usually feminine words for objects or tools used to do something.. A suffix used to form adjectives matched to nouns ending in -ation (or its variants) and derived from a Latin verb.
aspiration French (fra) Aspiration.
aspiratoire French (fra) Aspiratory.

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Descendants of -oire
absolutoire antisécrétoire argumentatoire baignoire balançoire bassinoire bouilloire distillatoire escrire exutoire giratoire glissoire mangeoire mâchoire nageoire passoire pataugeoire pétoire sécrétoire écumoire épilatoire
Descendants of aspiration