astrophotographie etymology

French word astrophotographie comes from French astro- (Astro-.), French photographie ((countable) photograph. (uncountable) photography.)

Detailed word origin of astrophotographie

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
astro- French (fra) Astro-.
photographie French (fra) (countable) photograph. (uncountable) photography.
astrophotographie French (fra) (astronomy, photography) astrophotography.

Words with the same origin as astrophotographie

Descendants of astro-
astroarchéologie astrobiologie astrochimie astrochimique astrogéologie astrologue astrolâtrie astromatériau astrométrie astronaute astronef astronome astronomie astronomique astroparticule astrophotographe astrophysicien astrophysique astrosismologie astrosphère radioastronome radioastronomie
Descendants of photographie