attendrir etymology

French word attendrir comes from French tendre, French a-, French -ir (A suffix forming infinitives of many verbs.)

Detailed word origin of attendrir

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tendre French (fra) (intransitive, ~ vers) to strive (for). (intransitive, ~ vers) to tend (to infinity). (reflexive) to become taut. (transitive) to stretch out. (transitive) to tighten Tender (soft, delicate).
a- French (fra) A prefix forming words, especially verbs, that denote entering a state, making progress toward a goal, or the like. A-, non-, -less.
-ir French (fra) A suffix forming infinitives of many verbs.
attendrir French (fra) (figuratively, of a person) to soften (up). (reflexive, s'attendrir) to soften up (become softer). To make softer or more tender; to soften.

Words with the same origin as attendrir

Descendants of tendre
tendon tenture
Descendants of a-
aborder accoucher accouplement accoupler affaiblir affaire agenouiller allonger amener apaiser apitoyer arrivant arriver arrivée assommer attarder atterrir attraper collier déshabiller déshabillé habiller rattrapage rattraper rhabiller
Descendants of -ir
abrutir alentir alunissage aplanir arrondir assainissement asservir asservissable chérir dégourdir embellir enchérir endurcir enrichir jaunir maigrir rajeunir rajeunissement refroidir ressortir vieillir épaississement