auxquels etymology

French word auxquels comes from French à, French lesquels

Detailed word origin of auxquels

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à French (fra) (before an infinitive) to (used to express something not completed). (cuisine) cooked in or with. Used to describe a part of something, often translated into English as a compound adjective. Used to indicate the recipient of certain phrasal verb.. Used to make compound nouns to state what something is used for. At (said of a particular time). At, in, on (said of a particular place). By. Of [...]
lesquels French (fra) (interrogative pronoun) which ones. (relative pronoun) : (following a preposition) which, that, whom.
auxquels French (fra) : to which, at which.

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Descendants of à
adosser adroit afin amener atout auquel auxquelles aval bouillabaisse dos dossard dosseret dossier en aval endosser maladresse
Descendants of lesquels