azotite etymology

French word azotite comes from French azote (Nitrogen.), French -ite

Detailed word origin of azotite

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azote French (fra) Nitrogen.
-ite French (fra) (medicine) -itis. (mineralogy) -ite. -ite (relating to following someone or something).
azotite French (fra) (inorganic chemistry, obsolete) nitrite.

Words with the same origin as azotite

Descendants of azote
azotique azoturie azotémie azotémique
Descendants of -ite
adamite argentite arsénite artérite artéritique barnabite bronchite collectionnite crésylite duodénite encéphalite lignite métabolite oophorite pharyngite plombite préraphaélite péricardite péritonite réunionite sélénite uvéite ypérite zooglyphite