banque etymology

French word banque comes from Langobardic *bank, German Bank, Proto-Indo-European *bʰeg-, and later Proto-Germanic *bankiz (A raised surface; bulge; hillock; slope. Bench.)

Detailed word origin of banque

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*bank Langobardic (lng)
Bank German (deu) A facility for storage of a particular thing:. Bank (financial institution) (football) substitutes' bench. Bank (collection of material in a body of water). Bench (which people sit on); pew. Workbench (which things can be set down on).
*bʰeg- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*bankiz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) A raised surface; bulge; hillock; slope. Bench.
bank Old High German (goh) Bench.
panch Langobardic (lng)
*bank Frankish (frk)
banca Old Italian (it-oit)
bans Old French (fro)
banc Middle French (frm)
banca Italian (ita) Bank (financial institution).
banque Middle French (frm) Bank (establishment where financial transactions take place).
banque French (fra) Bank.

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Descendants of *bʰeg-
backgammon bacon banc banchage biche bichon bécosse bêche en banc feedback