barbu etymology

French word barbu comes from French barbe, French -u

Detailed word origin of barbu

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barbe French (fra) (horse) Barbary (botany) barb, hair or bristle.. (colloquial) a boring thing. (feather) barb. Barbel, whisker-like sensory organs, located around the mouth of certain fish, including catfish, carp, goatfish, sturgeon.. Beard. Longer hair growing on the chin or face of some animals Barbary horse.
-u French (fra) Forming adjectives having the sense of ‘having quality of, being provided with’ (the root word).
barbu French (fra) Bearded (possessing a beard).

Words with the same origin as barbu

Descendants of barbe
barbant barbiche barbier barbifier barbifère barbouzard barbouze barbouzerie
Descendants of -u
boulu bourru chevelu couillu crépu fessu feuillu goulu goulument goutu lippu mafflu mamelu moussu moustachu pansu poilu touffu ventru