bordel etymology

French word bordel comes from Proto-Germanic *burdą (Board, plank. Table.), Latin -ellum

Detailed word origin of bordel

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
*burdą Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Board, plank. Table.
-ellum Latin (lat)
*bord Frankish (frk) Board, plank.
bordellum Malayalam (mal)
bordum Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin) plank, board. (Medieval Latin, nautical) shipboard.
borda Latin (lat)
bort Old French (fro)
borde Old French (fro)
bordellum Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin) brothel. (Medieval Latin) little hut.
bordeal Old French (fro)
bordel Middle French (frm)
bordel French (fra) (informal) brothel. (slang) bloody mess (UK), goddamn mess (especially US) (coarse, slang) bloody hell! (UK), Christ almighty!.

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Descendants of *burdą
abords bord bordure bordélique d'abord que par-dessus bord tout d'abord
Descendants of -ellum