bourru etymology

French word bourru comes from French bourre, French -u

Detailed word origin of bourru

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bourre French (fra) (slang, dated) A cop.. (textile, uncountable) Waste from hackling or spinning of wool or silk; linters, flock.. (uncountable) Any material used for stuffing.. (uncountable) Down or floss on plants, especially buds; burr.. A wad for use in firearms or cannons.. Tufts or masses of hair removed from the skin of short-haired animals before tanning.
-u French (fra) Forming adjectives having the sense of ‘having quality of, being provided with’ (the root word).
bourru French (fra) Surly; gruff.

Words with the same origin as bourru

Descendants of bourre
bourratif bourrée buraliste bureau
Descendants of -u
barbu boulu chevelu couillu crépu fessu feuillu goulu goulument goutu lippu mafflu mamelu moussu moustachu pansu poilu touffu ventru