braguette etymology

French word braguette comes from French -ette, French braie, and later French brayette (Fly (front slit-like opening of underpants).)

Detailed word origin of braguette

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-ette French (fra)
braie French (fra) A low defensive wall, particularly of a castle; a rampart. Trousers, namely a baggy type of trouser worn by many ancient peoples, most notably the Gauls.
brayette French (fra) Fly (front slit-like opening of underpants).
braguette French (fra) (historical) codpiece. Fly, flies (in trousers).

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Descendants of -ette
allumette boulette branlette camionnette casquette cassette chaussette cigare cigarette couchette cuvette devinette fillette fourchette fourgonnette gâchette lunette mallette manchette mauviette oreillette roulette serviette sœurette
Descendants of braie