brandebourgeois etymology

French word brandebourgeois comes from French -ois, French Brandebourg

Detailed word origin of brandebourgeois

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-ois French (fra) Used to form adjectives related to a particular country, region or city, their associated inhabitant names, and the local language or dialect.
Brandebourg French (fra) Brandenburg (a city, the historical capital of the region). Brandenburg (region of Germany, formerly a principality and presently a state).
brandebourgeois French (fra) Pertaining to, or from Brandenburg.

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Descendants of -ois
Aostois Gatinois Lillois Sarthois Turinois Viennois Zurichois bangkokois bavarois chinois courtois courtoisie dakarois gallois gatinois génois marquisois méganticois putois pékinois québécois tonkinois tunisois valenciennois villageois