cabriolet etymology

French word cabriolet comes from French -et (Suffix indicating diminution or affection.), French bestiole ((obsolete) girl without spirit. Small animal.)

Detailed word origin of cabriolet

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-et French (fra) Suffix indicating diminution or affection.
bestiole French (fra) (obsolete) girl without spirit. Small animal.
cabriola Italian (ita)
cabriolet French (fra) A Directoire style hat type. A cabriolet carriage. A convertible car. A knotted cord, each end tied to wood, to tie criminals to by the wrists.

Words with the same origin as cabriolet

Descendants of -et
beignet boulet brevet cachet chapelet coquette cornet couplet crochet croquet filet foret frisquet gigoter livret minet mollet navet papoter parquet pistolet poignet sachet tantinet
Descendants of bestiole